Fulvio Pasino

Fulvio Pasino was born in Alessandria on February 5 1958, under the Aquarius sky dominated by vision and innovation.
The art of shaping materials captures his attention; and the game becomes passion.

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He fully breathes the atmosphere of his land, grows in a familiar environment already permeated by the goldsmith culture.

He completes his studies but the curiosity towards the work of the master artisan goldsmith is a lot.

The attraction to the creation of precious objects soon led him to the workbench; the natural dexterity, the ease in understanding the needs of the customer, make it the author of brilliant solutions, essential for the perfect realization of unique artifacts.

Innate qualities that are refined with time and tests – innumerable, with drawings, with wax, the threads, the slab that shape the models, and the work that enters the hands, the head and the heart.

In 1999 Dalila Gioielli was born..
The company bears the name of the daughter, Dalila, because the company is family, it’s continuity, it is evolution in tradition.
Everything that can improve the production system, from the quality of the work environment to the last frontiers of prototyping, from Cad design to sophisticated microscopes that facilitate work at the desk, the watchword is to walk in our time, with the look of a far-sighted craftsman, between tradition and innovation.

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Bright, like a jewel. Immeasurable treasure, like every child for the parent.
She grew up with her father to have the knowledge of every production step; she is the company’s administrator, the one who coordinates the team in the initial and final phase of production.

“Choose a job you love,
and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


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